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what is "innerstanding"?

"... a knowing that defies description, an understanding from within your soul."

- Niko Merritt- Owner Artistic Innerstanding, LLC

why intuitive art? 

The real question should be, why not intuitive art?

Intuitive art is...









release of emotions and trauma

good for your soul

connection to higher self

Classes, consultations, kits, merch and more info, coming soon...

Colorful Lights


Intuitive art felt like I was drawing my inner self and trying to convey a piece of myself into art

LB - High School Student

You go to a different place where thoughts spiraled in a creative way. Connecting thoughts and emotions and feelings to that question that I asked my higher self and receiving the answer to that question in a metaphysical, non-linear way. It felt good, it felt freeing, I have resolve now "

HR - Academic Advisor

I felt free, being able to draw and be proud of what I created without judgement of the end result.I trusted the process and my instructor, Niko-she made me feel comfortable.

TW - Business Owner

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